The Omni Group is 30 years old.


You know, I kind of think OmniFocus would look better on NeXTSTEP. (I kid, I love their software, but I think on that one front I’ve settled on Things.)

I did have the pleasure of running OmniWeb on a rescued NeXTcube … nearly a decade after the machine was made and a half decade after OmniWeb first came out.

Currently reading: Down and Out in Paradise by Charles Leerhsen 📚

I put in Lincoln in the Bardo on the back burner, and ripped through almost all of this over the weekend. I’ve got my qualms with it, but not with the idea of sandblasting the hagiography of Bourdain.

Finished reading: The Magic Kingdom by Russell Banks 📚

Hell of a story, inspired by a true one. And one with over- and undertones I could identify with too.

Currently reading: The Magic Kingdom by Russell Banks 📚

A hard decision made, and just the hope of a new focus (coming around the corner), regardless of the challenges, has innate interests that have been dormant for a few years sprouting signs of life.

I think I’m doing the right thing.

Appreciating, as I think I have nearly every year since it began, the “State of the World” thread on the Well, from Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky.

Kevin McCarthy’s expression when he got the gavel reminded me of my 3-year-old’s reveling when I capitulate over allowing him a too-early or too-late sweet.

Ready to head back to the woods now.

The last Twitter lockout I remember is when the FBI seized the servers running predecessor code right out of Rackspace’s racks in 2004 😉(Indymedia and Cryptome were implicated/affected too).

Was never wed to Twitter, even before the drama that made me grateful to be here too—but the 2FA drama is enough to invest in more Mastadon subscriptions to make my feed here more relevant and informative.