Some nights it is just our cat and me. I, sipping some whisky; him, staring into dark shadows of the alley, tracking the rats.

I was going to write something pithy, maybe slightly trite, which I thought to be true.

I recognized some complications and the pithy thing became definitely trite and untrue. I also realized I am not in a mood, or perhaps the mode, to try to share the more complicated rendition of the thing I thought worth sharing.

Still in sponge mode, and running a little dry.

I regret never having sent a real telegram while I could have.

About to put this device down.

I am rewatching the Bourne films as they popped-up on Netflix for me. I had to replay multiple segments because I was also trawling Mastodon and my RSS reader.

I remember when I’d pool my few dollars with friends and rent a VHS or two, hit up the pharmacy for some Mountain Dew and Dots, and watch the movies end-to-end with full attention. Then, we’d go upstairs to go sign-on to the Internet. (After making sure everyone else was asleep or at least didn’t need the phone, of course.)

I wonder what we’re missing from Dominion settling with Fox.

Jellyfish at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland

My toddler received a STEM “certificate” from the LEGO education booth at the White House Easter Egg Roll with the slogan “rebuild our world” (it was a hashtag actually). My mind went to a dark place … he might just have to.

We’ve got the kiddo sleeping in his own bed again, mostly. He still needs some company (or, we offer it because it gets short term results) before he really falls asleep. As I was laying in the dark next to him, thinking he was almost out, I popped-in an earbud. I re-started a podcast. Something made me snicker to myself.

He angled his head over near mine and put his lips to my ear. “What’s so silly, Daddy?” he whispered.

I told him he was. True enough.

From the The Talk Show: a nostalgia session for Internet Olds/educational folklore session for you kiddos, by a couple of preeminent Internet Olds, talking about some other preeminent Internet Olds.

I remember picking apart 0sil8 as I taught myself HTML, later read forever, discovered Daring Fireball I think nearly as soon as it hit the scene, read, subscribed to the email “re-issue” that went out a couple-few years ago, and my linkblog was linked from the top nav of Robot Wisdom myself, and used Dean’s web-based Textile processor before Markdown came to be, and consumed Dean’s photoblog of his weimaraner pups.

Dug up wee bits of correspondence… I once asked Jason Kottke how he did the link log interludes against his regular posts and I’ve got some scant back and forth with Aaron Swartz (a notable contributor to RSS and Markdown, among so many other things, RIP) later, in the mid-aughts.

A prelude to the real substance of this episode is Gruber’s and Kottke’s own instantiation of our collective semi-annual bitchin' about the time change. I do differ with @gruber’s advocacy for sticking with DST. I prefer we stick with standard time and not for any of the straw man reasons he rightfully takes down.

I do wish Markdown had some more semantic options for cite and emphasis rather than just italics and bold.