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We’ve not really figured out printing, calendaring or email… what makes anyone think we’ve got the rest of this figured out is beyond me.

The problem with … bullshit jobs

Gave The Problem With Jon Stewart another chance this week. The Taxes episode was a classic redux of a fairly fundamental (and dare I say, potentially very non-partisan) analysis of an unresponsive government and corruption. It also came off like a validation of David Graeber’s Bullshit Jobs.

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I keep placing my coffee mug on my wireless induction charging pad, as if it were a coaster. ☕️🪫

Low flying military helicopter over Capitol Hill, DC

Not the most artful shot, but an accurate representation of “a day in the life” common event — a low-flying military helicopter over Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. October 14, 08:56 ET.

Currently reading: The Dawn of Everything by David Graeber and David Wengrow 📚

I first encountered Graeber (¡Presente!) on an Indymedia livestream giving an interview or speaking at a teach-in during a convergence to protest WTO or WEF. Something like that. Pre-9/11 revolutionary optimism on my part.

The Browser Wars may be over, but ...

… the fiefdoms remain. There doesn’t seem to be a combination of browser extensions that gives me the combination of features I want, in the experience I want, to have some parity across the multiple browsers I use every day. The shortlist (this is not all-inclusive) might be: Safari’s “merge all windows” Safari’s “arrange tabs by web site” (or alphabetically by title) Chrome’s tab groups (Safari’s groups are closest, But I like the in-tab-bar experience a little better) Syncing of groups across instances/platforms on that browser (Safari does it best, I want the same experience on Chrome, Firefox) Firefox’s containers

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Bedtime in the time of COVID

Trying to coax my two year old to bed, I feel my energy drain and my ambition to catch-up on work ebb as his arm reaches out for me on my third visit to get him back to bed. His pats on my head as he snuggles kill any desire to fully awaken and get some work done. We’ve all been under house arrest for nine days and we’ve got 5 more based on the staggered positive cases and varying vaccination states.

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